Production process

An insight into the production process

Production process

Procurement of Timber

Timber is being purchased

LarixWood purchases Baltic and Scandinavian timber, transports it to the production facility and prepares it for further processing.
Procurement of Timber
Timber Processing

Timber is subjected to specific processing

The delivered timber is sorted by grade and transferred into the production process, where they are prepared for production.
Timber Processing

Product manufacturing process

Then the timber is used in the production process, which takes place at the production facility of the company in Latvia, Zeltiņu iela 50, Mārupe.
Assembly and Packing

Assembly and packing of the finished products

The finished product is carefully assembled and safely packed to ensure that it is further delivered to the destination indicated by the customer.
Assembly and Packing
Dispatch to the Customer

The finished product is dispatched to the customer

Carefully packed finished products are submitted to our forwarding agents, who deliver the products further to the acceptance destination indicated by the customer.
Dispatch to the Customer

Export Markets

We deliver in the entire of Europe and Asia

With the help of our suppliers, we can ensure the delivery of your order to any location in Europe and Asia, which includes the combined delivery of orders.

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High Quality Personalisation

Use of permanent inks to print logos and names of your company on our pallet collars and pallet lids is possible.

Plastic Stacking Corners

  • Plastic stacking corners protect the product and the packaging from potential damage during transportation.
  • Net weight: ~ 76 g
  • Outer dimensions L/W/H: ~ 96/ 96/ 84 mm
  • Fits on all standard pallet collars.
  • Packaging 144 units in a carton.

Customised Size Pallet Collars

  • Customised pallet collars are made to sizes required by the customer from 250 mm up to 3500 mm.
  • Height: 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 mm

Second Grade Pallet Collars

  • They are made of thermally processed (TP) wood in accordance with the ISPM 15 standard and labelled with the IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) stamp.
  • Please be advised that second grade pallet collars may have holes, an area of bark or blue stain.
  • New – unused.
  • Foldable diagonally or in the middle.
  • Made of 1 or 2 boards.
  • System for joining two boards – tongue and groove connection.
  • 4 zinc plated steel hinges.

Aluminium Pallet Collars

  • Made of 18 mm thick aluminium profile.
  • Suitable for 1,200 x 800 mm euro pallets.
  • 4 zinc plated steel hinges.
  • Height: 200 mm.

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